TC18-Newsletter-Ferburary 2008



1. TC18 Web Site and

2. DGCI 2008 in Lyon

3. Call for Proposal: DGCI 2009 in your Department ?

Appendix: DGCI Steering Committee Guidelines for DGCI Organization


1) TC18 Web Site and

The IAPR is  working   on  improving the professional  web    services
provided to  its  membership  and also  to  its  technical committees.
Basically, the   idea is that  each TC  should have a  web space named  or something    similar.   The discussions with    IAPR
webmasters have just started and nothing is fixed yet.

In the meantime, we have decided that we need permanent email addresse
.   For this reason  we have decided to subscribe   to the domain name  Since the TC18 has no founds, the cost of this registration
-6euros/year-)  will be on charge  of the forthcoming DGCI (a decision
taken by the DGCI SC).

For the moment we have the following e-mail addresses:

  - (TC18   Chairs)   
  - (DGCI SC)

It is important to note that if the TC18  website moves, it will be to
the IAPR servers.  The domain name won't  be used to host the

We  take the opportunity  to deeply  thank  the Centrum för bildanalys
(CBA,  Uppsala University  and   Swedish  University of   Agricultural
Sciences) for providing us a web space since 6 years.

2) TC18 in Lyon and DGCI 

16-18 April 2008 Lyon, France

  Many of you  have participated to reviewing process  and in the name
  of the DGCI Organizers, we thank  you.
  Some useful links:
   - Registration:
   - Scientific Program:
   - Accommodations:

  During  the  conference, a  TC18 Meeting  will  be scheduled  in the
  Scientific  Program  to  exchange on  the  TC18  activities and  its
  future, e.g.:

    - Future chairs: TC chairs should  be changed by Dec.  2008 during
    the ICPR conference.  The TC18 meeting  is definitely a good place
    to discuss about that.

    - Participation to the IAPR Educational Committee: IAPR has set up
    a  committee to put together  educational material from TCs (among
    others). In the TC18 website,  some lectures are already available
    but we  need  to  think  about  a new  way to  collect educational

    - ...

2) Call for Proposal: DGCI 2009 in your Department ?

  In  Lyon, the DGCI Steering  Committee will decide  and announce the
  location of the  next edition. Before  that, proposals should be set
  up and the  TC18 aims at  helping researchers  on  this step. Please
  have a look to  the following appendix written  by the DGCI Steering
  Committee for details.

  The TC18 can provide you:
    - information on the past editions:

    - past Proposals (at least DGCI 2008 one), just send us a message.

    - ...

Appendix: DGCI Steering Committee Guidelines for DGCI Organization

 Past DGCI  editions 

Information on the  past editions can be found on:

DGCI is a three day event. Usually, there  is one invited lecturer per
day. The  whole conference is organised as  single track,  with one or
two  poster  sessions. The  poster sessions   should be considered  as
regular sessions, that is, they should not be held at the same time as
oral sessions.  The organisers should  provide a meeting place for the
Steering  Committee  the day before    the main  social event  of  the


DGCI is organised every  18  months. This  frequency assures  that the
scientific community can provide new  results, while a PhD student can
attend two editions. It  also    provides some flexibility for     the
organizers to find convenient dates.

 Other conferences

When deciding the  DGCI dates, information  about related conferences,
for example ISMM,  IWCIA, must be  taken into  account. Information on
dates should be acquired by early exchanges between Steering Committee
or organizers.


The current tradition is  to hold every   other DGCI in France  and to
hold the others  in Europe outside France.  The Spring DGCIs have been
held  in France  and  the  Autumn ones  outside.  In  the future,  the
Steering Committee  would  like  to   see  DGCIs outside Europe,   and
consequently at most every other DGCI in France. The field of interest
of  IAPR-TC18 is worldwide, not  limited  to  Europe. The Autumn  2009
conference should be held outside France.


The main purpose of DGCI  is to gather  together researchers active in
the field. Therefore  travelling expenses and  hotel costs must not be
prohibitive, and cheap alternative for    participants on a    limited
budget should   be available. This  is more  important than  finding a
touristically    attractive spot. It is    also  important to have low
registration fees for PhD students.

 Proceedings and Special issues

All accepted papers should be treated equally in the DGCI proceedings,
independently of if the presentation is oral or  poster. The choice of
presentation  mode depends  on suitability,  rather  than on perceived
quality. Proceedings are traditionally published by Springer Verlag in
the LNCS series. Extended versions of papers  selected by the Steering
Committee can  be published in special issues  of one or two journals,
proposed by the organisers.

 Reviewing process

For  each main DGCI  topic, one or two persons  are selected to form a
Program Committee.  Each DGCI submission is reviewed  by at  least two
members of the   Reviewing Committee. Program Committee members   will
provide reviewing reports  for papers  dealing with their   associated
topics in case of disagreement between reviewers. Submissions from the
Organizing Committee are handled by an independent process. During the
main steps of  the reviewing process,  the Steering Committee is  kept
informed. Items for useful  discussions are: acceptance  rate, session
topics, etc.

 Submission of proposals to organize a DGCI conference

The   proposal must  contain  information  on:  

 - the   venue    (city and   conference  hall),   main   access   and
 transportation alternatives, and accommodation;

 -  the  organizing  University,  laboratory/department,  and research

 - proposed dates (conference dates and deadlines);

 - financial   plan, including  preliminary registration  fees program
 outline, scientific policy, suggestions for invited speakers;

 - conference, program, and other chairs;

 - any other important information.

Proposals  should  be  sent   to    the Steering   Committee   members
(, at least seven  weeks  before the upcoming   DGCI.
The winning proposal  for the  next  DGCI is selected by  the Steering
Committee  during the current  one, and announced  to the participants
before the end of the conference.