Dear TC18 members,

The next edition of DGCI is approaching ! Don't forget to register if you haven't yet !
As you probably already know, TC18 always has a time slot in DGCI
program. This slot is generally used to present you the activities of
the TC, but this year, we would like to try something new, that requires
your cooperation. 

The idea is to shake up a little bit our community with a brainstorming session on Open Problems. 
This can work only if we all try to think about nice open problems in DG
before the conference. Then the presentation of the problems during DGCI
can be very light (chalk/blackboard style), or you may prepare a few
slides if you prefer, it’s up to you.  

We are counting on you to help us make this moment enlightening and stimulating ! 
Looking forward to seeing you in Nantes,
Isabelle, Rocio, Partha. 


			     Call for participation

                    19th IAPR International Conference on

			  La Cité Nantes Events Center
                               18-20 April 2016

				Polytech Nantes
				 21 April 2016

                                Nantes, France




The aim of the DGCI conference is to gather researchers in discrete models,
discrete geometry and topology, with applications in image analysis and image

Discrete geometry plays an expanding role in the fields of shape modeling,
image synthesis, and image analysis. It deals with topological and geometrical
definitions of digitized objects or digitized images and provides both a
theoretical and computational framework for computer imaging.

This edition of DGCI follows the successful 2014 edition held in Siena, Italy.
DGCI 2016 is organized by the Image and Video Communication team (IVC, IRCCyN
UMR CNRS 6597) of Polytech Nantes (University of Nantes).

The main topics of interest include (but are not limited to):

-   Models for Discrete Geometry (grids, discrete objects, discrete model
   properties, digitization schemes, metrics...).
-   Discrete and Combinatorial Topology.
-   Geometric Transforms (image mappings, distance transformation, skeletons
   and medial axis...).
-   Discrete Shape Representation, Recognition and Analysis.
-   Discrete Tomography.
-   Morphological Analysis.
-   Discrete Modelling and Visualization.
-   Discrete and Combinatorial Tools for Image Segmentation and Analysis.

Keynote speakers


-   Matthias Beck (USA)
   San Francisco State University
-   Jacques-Olivier Lachaud (France)
   LAMA, Université de Savoie
-   Hugues Talbot (France)

Mojette Day:

-   Robert Tijdeman (Netherlands)
   Mathematical Institute, Leiden Universiteit


Regularly quoted in newspapers as being one of the nicest cities in France,
Nantes is also renowned for being a rich, lively and innovative city. Its
economic clout makes Nantes France's 3rd largest industrial city and 2nd most
successful city in terms of employment growth.

DGCI will take place in "la Cité Nantes Events Center". Located in the city
centre, just a 5-minute walk from the high-speed train station (South exit)
a 20-minute shuttle ride from the airport, La Cité is served by excellent
transport links.

Important dates

- now 	        hotel reservations
- February 22   end early bird registration
- April 18-20	DGCI 2016
- April 21      Mojette Day

Proceedings and Special Issue

The proceedings of the conference will be published in the Lecture Notes in
Computer Science series by Springer-Verlag.

Extended versions of selected papers will be published in a special issue
of the Journal of Mathematical Imaging and Vision by Springer.

DGCI Steering Committee

David Coeurjolly (President of SC, France)
Eric Andres (France)
Gunilla Borgefors (Sweden)
Srečko Brlek (Canada)
Jean-Marc Chassery (France)
Isabelle Debled-Rennesson (France)
Andrea Frosini (Italy)
María José Jiménez (Spain)
Annick Montanvert (France)
Kálmán Palágyi (Hungary)
Isabelle Sivignon (France)

Organizing Committee Chairs

Florent Autrusseau
Jeanpierre Guédon
Lucile Le Claire
Nicolas Normand


For contacts and further information check the DGCI 2016 web site or write to