TC18 - Newsletter #6 - January 2006




1. Happy New Year 2006 !

2. 13th DGCI conference

3. Educational on web page

4. Announcements for positions

5. Minor updates


1. Happy New Year 2006 !

We expect for you some nice and new results in discrete geometry that
you will present at the next DGCI conference in Szeged.

2. 13th DGCI conference in Szeged (Hungaria) - October 25-27, 2006

Deadline for submission was on April 3, 2006. Do not miss it.

Acceptance notification will be sent on 3th June 2006.

See : http://www.inf.u-szeged.hu/dgci/

3. Educational  web pages

The  repository  contains  near 30 slide/material  entries  on various
topics (many thanks to Reinhard Klette (Auckland, NZ) who allows us to
index his web pages).

Many  subfields are not covered  yet by documents,  so  if you want to
submit  your  own material, just contact   us using  the tc18@cb.uu.se
email address.

We also would   like to  insist    on the Reference  section  on  each
subfield. The idea is to organize and comment the main references (key
articles) for each topic.

We would need:

  - 2  or more persons per   subfield to organize  and collect  of the
  references (a kind of committee)

  - contributors to submit references with comments to the committees.

Thanks in advance for your contributions.

4. Announcements for positions

Two  Assistant   Professors   Department of    Computer   Science  and
Information Systems SUNY Fredonia  Computer Science Department,  State
University of New York at Fredonia.

Review of  applications began on December  5th and continues until the
positions are filled.

Details: http://www.cs.fredonia.edu/cswebpage/employment.html 
Contact: Renata Barneva
Posted on 28 November 2005
Satuts: Open

5. Minor updates

On the "Events  on IAPR-TC18" page, links  have been added we for each
DGCI conference  to the hypertext   table of contents  recorded by the

January 23th 2006 - David and Annick.