Dear TC18 members,

First of all, we would like to wish you a very happy new year before it is too late !
This is also the last chance for New Year's resolutions, and we have a
few suggestions for you in this newsletter ;-) 

It is a quite long letter, with many information, so please take the
time to read it until the end !

Have a nice reading,
R. Gonzalez-Diaz, P. Bhowmick, I. Sivignon

TC18 "Discrete Geometry" Newsletter (Jan. 2014)


1. DGCI 2014 - Call for Papers

2. News about DGCI 2013 Special Issues

3. Call for Images
4. PhDs alerts
5. List of 2013 major Journal Papers


1) DGCI 2014 - Call for Papers

The second call for papers has been sent a few days ago by the
organizers, and here is a quick recall of important dates:

Title + abstract submission: February 6th, 2014 (strict deadline)
Full paper submission: February 20th, 2014 (strict deadline)
Rebuttal phase: starting at April 7th, 2014
Full paper notification: May 1st, 2014

As you may have noticed, there are two novelties for this edition:
   - there will be NO deadline extension: so be ready to send your
   abstract and summary right on time !

   - a rebuttal phase will be added in the reviewing process, to enable
   conditionnally accepted papers with a discussion between reviewers
   and authors before the final decision.


2) DGCI 2013 Special Issues - Some news

After DGCI 2013, two special issues on discrete geometry are in progress
in Discrete Applied Mathematics and Computer Vision and Image
Understanding. The calls for papers were a success, and the reviewing
processes are going on. Here are some news about these SI:

- DAM Special Issue: 24 papers were submitted, 5 of them being
extensions of DGCI papers. One paper is accepted, two are accepted
subject to minor revision, 7 are under the second round of revision, and
14 were rejected (5 of them being "out of scope").

- CVIU Special Issue: the deadline for submission was initially set to
September, 30th, then extended to October, 15th. 13 papers  were
submitted, 6 of them being DGCI papers extended versions. The first
round of reviews is nearly over for the 13 papers, and the first
decisions have been made, or will be made soon.  

3) TC18 website - Call for Images

We would like to set up a Gallery of images illustrating DG activities
on the tc18 website. At the moment, only a few images are scrolling on
the main page, but the idea would be to set up a dedicated webpage. Each
image would be associated to a short caption and a link to a related
publication. We believe this would be a nice display of the diversity of
DG results.

But, to do so, we need your help ! That's why we are launching a Call
for images ! 

We are looking for good quality images, representative of DG, and
related to a publication (peer-reviewed journal or conference). 
We however reserve the right to select the images according to their
quality and their relevance to the DG topics. 

Thank you very much in advance for your help !

4) PhDs alerts

A second idea we are working on is to create an alert on DG PhD
defense. We will also record the information on the website. The
protocol is very simple: let us know about PhD defenses in your group
(title, university, abstract, link to manuscript when possible), and we
will spread the information right away to all TC18 members. 

5) List of 2013 major Journal Papers

Finally, we are working on the idea of collecting the references of DG
publications in major journals. The first step is to set up a list of
major journals for our community. Here is a tentative one:

- IEEE Trans. Pattern Analysis for Machine Intelligence
- Pattern Recognition
- Pattern Recognition Letters
- Discrete Applied Mathematics
- Image and Vision Computing
- Computer Vision and Image Understanding
- Journal of Mathematical Imaging and Vision
- Theoretical Computer Science
- International Journal of Computer Mathematics

It is a sublist of the quite exhaustive one you can find on TC18
website. If you think that we forgot some journals or that some should
not appear in this list, don't hesitate to let us know.

In the file enclosed, you will find all the DG papers published in these
journals in 2013. Once again, we may have missed some, so let us know
and we will update it.