IAPR RRPR report

A new event was proposed with the first edition of the Workshop on
Reproducible Research in Pattern Recognition. This workshop aims to
give an overview of Reproducible Research (RR) for authors, with a
special focus on Pattern Recognition algorithms. The call for paper
was organized into two main tracks: RR Frameworks and RR Results. The
first track was dedicated to the general topic of Reproducible
Research in Computer Science with papers describing experiences,
frameworks and platforms. The second track focus on the description of
previous works in terms of Reproducible Research. The latter track
contained ICPR companion papers describing their quality of
Reproducible Research.

This workshop received 16 submissions with 8 papers submitted to track
1 of RR Framework, 6 papers to track 2 of RR Results and 2 papers
associated to the invited talks. After a reviewing process including
mostly 3 reviewers per paper, 6 papers were accepted as oral
presentations and 4 as poster. We thank the scientific committee
allowing high quality works including papers, algorithms and source
code reviews. A total of 12 accepted papers (including 2 invited
papers) are going to be published as post-proceedings Springer in LNCS

The different topics of workshop were equitably represented with 6
presentations for the RR Framework track and 5 presentations for the
RR Result track. Two invited presentations were given during the
workshop. The first one was a presentation of the Image Processing On
Line journal (IPOL) presented by Pascal Monasse in a common work with
Miguel Colom. The second invited talk was given by Daniel Lopresti and
Bart Lamiroy with a presentation of the DAE platform in the context of
Reproducible Research.  The number of attendees were around thirty.

For its first edition, the RRPR committee introduces the "Reproducible
Label in Pattern Recognition" in order to highlight the reproducible
aspects of the RRPR and ICPR works. The work of the authors who
obtained the Reproducible label is archived and publicly available in
the GitHub account of the organizing committee,
https://github.com/RLPR .  Actually 7 papers were submitted and 2 are
already accepted and the others are under peer-review. More
submissions might be accepted. More details are available at the RRPR

Finally a selection of papers will be invited to an RRPR IPOL special issue (www.ipol.im).