TC18 - Newsletter #7 - July 2006 
1. Next DGCI conference in Szeged (Hungary) - 25-27 October 2006 
2. Events related to Discrete Geometry and TC18 
3. "Challenges" in Discrete Geometry 
4. Focus on another IAPR TC: "TC5 Benchmarking and Software" 
5. Miscellaneous 
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1. Next DGCI conference in Szeged (Hungary) - 25-27 October 2006 

The Call  for  paper has  been a  great success:  99 papers have  been
submitted.  The  selection process ended the first  of June. 24 papers
have  been  selected  for oral  presentations;  28  papers  have  been
selected for   poster  sessions.  Then the  selection    rate is 52.5%
Congratulation  if your  work  has been  selected;  if not you can  be
consoled due to the severe selection process.  In  all cases we expect
to see you at the conference in Szeged.

The    organizing    committee  provides    some    information    on:  

Invited speakers are: Laszlo  Lovasz from Budapest,  T. Yung Kong from
New York,  and Jean-Marc  Chassery   from Grenoble. 

Do not forget to register: early registration until August 14, 2006.

2. Events related to Discrete Geometry and TC18

- IWCIA (Int. Workshop on Combinatorial  Image Analysis) took place in
Berlin, 19-21 June 2006:

 - ICPR'06  (Int. Conf. of  Pattern  Recognition): the 18th ICPR  will
 take      place  in    Hong  Kong,  20-24        August  2006.   See:

 During this conference,  there will be  a  meeting for TC chairs  and
 activities of TC18 will be presented.

 - A point   in the coming  months  will be  to decide  who will chair
 IAPR-TC18  next  years (as TC18    was created 4   years ago,  Annick
 Montanvert  cannot   continue).    David   Coeurjolly  is   currently
 vice-chair.  Just tell us if  you  have any suggestion; the  decision
 will be taken during DGCI'06 in Szeged.

 - At ISVC'06 (Int.   Symp.  On Visual Computing)  a special  track on
 Discrete and Computational Geometry  and their Applications in Visual
 Computing will take place. Lake Tahoe, Nevada, 6-8 November 2006. 

3. "Challenges" in Discrete Geometry 

A  long  term   purpose  of  the   TC18 web    page was   to encourage
collaborations between researchers  in the Discrete Geometry field. We
are pleased to announce a new structure on the TC18 webpages: the TC18
challenges. The idea is to provide benchmarks and references to obtain
comparative   evaluations     of   classical  problems  in    Discrete

More precisely, a  challenge   should contain: 

  - a precise topic (see below for an example) 
  - a group of identified researchers with a contact person
  - a   unified framework  to perform   a comparative  evaluation.  

To  illustrate   this point,  a first    Challenge  has been  created:
"Comparative   Evaluation  of   Digital  Plane   Segment  Recognition
Algorithms".  Go to the Challenges web pages to have more details.  

If you want to organize another Challenge on a specific topic, contact
the  TC18 chairs.  If  you want to join  an  active challenge, you can
contact the challenge contact person.

4. Focus on another IAPR TC: "TC5 Benchmarking and Software" 

The aim of  TC-5 is  to  provide resources  to assist  researchers  in
implementing and benchmarking pattern recognition systems. While other
IAPR  Technical Committees are concerned    with particular areas   of
pattern recognition,  TC-5 is unusual in that  its remit is to provide
benchmarking  and software      services to all     fields  of pattern

TC-5 aims   to serve  the   benchmarking  needs  of the  community  by
providing a one-stop   evaluation service.  

TC-5 aims to  serve the software  needs of the  community by providing
worked exa!  mples  of how to interact with  evaluation service.  

Chair: Simon Lucas

5. Miscellaneous 

A   nice award event  for our  research  domain:  Valentin Brimbov and
Reneta   Barneva received  the  Wilkes  Award  of the British Computer
Society  for the best paper published  in 2005 in The Computer Journal
on : 'Analytical honeycomb geometry for raster and volume graphics' 48
(2), 180-199. See :

Hope to see you in Szeged

July 13th 2006 - Annick and David