TC18 "Discrete Geometry" Newsletter (July, 2013)


1. New TC18 board
2. Renewal of TC18 website: call for images and material
3. Report from DGCI 2013
4. DGCI 2014 in Siena, Italy
5. Other deadlines and upcoming events


1) New TC18 Board
After two terms (four years) of good and faithful service, the TC18
board composed of Ullrich Koethe, Joost Batenburg and Guillaume Damiand
had to be renewed.  
We are pleased to announce that a new board has now been appointed :

Isabelle Sivignon, GIPSA-lab Grenoble, CNRS, France (chair)
Partha Bhowmick,  Indian Institute of Technology, Kharagpur, India (vice-chair)
Rocio Gonzalez-DIaz, University of Sevilla, Spain (vice-chair)

As usually, we can be reached at the following email alias:

2) Renewal of the TC18 website: call for images and material !
The TC18 website has been given a makeover: have a look at !! 
As for now, the main change concerns a modernization of the website
style, but the content would also need to be updated. Here are some
points for which we need your help: 

- Images: homepage now includes an image gallery to illustrate
  activities in digital geometry. If you have some nice and illustrative
  images, contribute to this showcase !

- Educational: this section needs to be updated and completed. More
  particularly, it would be nice to have:
       	- new book references, if any	 
	- "state-of-the art" papers  for each subfield
	- new open problems: nice and funny problems we don't have time
  to work on, but which would be interesting for young researchers...

3) 17th IAPR International Conference on Discrete Geometry for Computer
Imagery, March 20-22, 2013, Sevilla, Spain

DGCI is the main conference of the IAPR Technical Committee on Discrete
Geometry (TC18) and is held approximately every 18th months. The 17th
edition was organized by the Andalusian research group Combinatorial
Image Analysis (CIMAgroup).

Submissions from 26 different countries confirm the international status
of the conference. Following a peer-reviewing process by at least 2
qualified reviewers, 34 papers were accepted, out of 56
submissions. Altogether, 22 papers were scheduled for oral presentation
in single-track sessions, and 12 papers were presented as
posters. Slides of the talks are available on DGCI 2013 webpage The conference brought together 95

Proceedings of the conference have been published by Springer-Verlag in
Lecture Notes in Computer Science Series (volume number 7749). This
collection documents the contributions presented at DGCI 2013, which
focus on geometric transforms, discrete and combinatorial tools for
image segmentation and analysis, discrete and combinatorial topology,
discrete shape representation, recognition and analysis, models for
discrete geometry, morphological analysis and discrete
tomography. Following the conference, two special issues in the journals
Discrete Applied Mathematics and Computer Vision and Image Understanding
are scheduled to appear in 2014.

As previously, this edition also hosted a demonstration
session. Proceedings of this session were published in Electronic
journal IMAGEN-A (, ISSN: 1885-4508, volume 3,
number 5, 2013. An evaluation committee composed by members of the
Steering Committee and Program Committee of DGCI, attributed the Best
Demo Prize to the demostration entitled TKDetection: a software to
detect and segment wood knots, by the authors Adrien Krähenbühl,
Bertrand Kerautret and Isabelle Debled-Rennesson.

Three internationally well-known researchers participated as invited
speakers: Herbert Edelsbrunner, Professor at the Institute of Science
and Technology, Vienna University, Austria, gave a talk on “Stable
length estimates of tube-like shapes”; Francisco Escolano, Associate
professor at the University of Alicante, Spain, gave a lecture on “The
complexity of discrete objects”; Konrad Polthier, MATHEON-Professor and
director of the Mathematical Geometry Processing group at Freie
Universität Berlin, Germany, talked about “Differential-Based Geometry

The social program included a visit to Reales Alcazares, a royal palace
in Seville, originally a Moorish fort, which is the oldest royal palace
still in use in Europe; a Welcome Cocktail at the University of
Seville’s main building (Rector’s office), which was the Royal Tobacco
Factory in the 18th century; a gala dinner in Gala Dinner in Abades
Triana Restaurant, placed at the main street of Triana neighbourhood,
Betis Street, with spectacular views to the city.

Apart from the IAPR sponsorship, DGCI 2013 was supported by University
of Seville (Vice-rectorate for Research, Vice-rectorate of
Internationalization, the Mathematics Institute (IMUS), the Research and
Teaching Foundation FIDETIA, Applied Math-I Department, School of
Computer Engineering), Spanish Ministry of Economy and Competitiveness
(Project MTM2012-32706) and European Science Foundation (ACAT program).

The next DGCI conference will be held in Siena, Italy, September 2014,
organized by the Dipartimento di Matematica ed Informatica (Università
di Siena).

Rocio Gonzalez-Diaz
Maria-Jose Jimenez
DGCI2013 co-chairs

4) DGCI 2014 in Siena
The steering committee made the decision during DGCI 2013: the next DGCI
conference will take place 

	10-12 September, 2014
	in Siena, Italy

We come back to a 18 months periodicity to avoid calendar conflicts with
our sister conference IWCIA. The conference will be jointly organized by
the Universities of Siena and Florence, Italy. A preliminary website
with a first call for papers and dates is already available here:

5) Other deadlines and upcoming events

- Computer Vision and Image Understanding: Special Issue on Discrete
  Geometry for Computer Imagery

    	Call for paper
      	Deadline for submission: September, 30th 2013

- International Workshop on Combinatorial Image Analysis (IWCIA 2014),
  Brno, Czech Republic, May, 28-30th 2014   

- International Conference on Pattern Recognition (ICPR 2014),
  Stockholm, Sweden, August, 24-28th 2014