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TC18 "Discrete Geometry" Newsletter (June 2016)

1. Forthcoming events and deadlines
2. TC18 Website - Open problems
3. TC18 Board renewal
4. Report on DGCI 2016

1. Forthcoming events and deadlines

Many upcoming events in Discrete Geometry in the next few months ! 

- CTIC 2016 (Computational Topology in Image Context), June 15-17th, Marseille, France 
- Special issue of DGCI 2016 in the Journal of Mathematical Imaging and Vision 
Deadline: July, 4th. Call for papers restricted to extended versions of DGCI papers only

- Workshop on Discrete Geometry and Mathematical Morphology for Computer
Vision, in conjunction with ACCV 2016, Taipei, Taiwan, November 20-24 
Deadline: August 5th, 2016 

- ICPR 2016, Cancun, Mexico, December 4-8th, 2016. Deadline for early
bird registration: September 5th, 2016.

- ISMM 2017 (International Symposium on Mathematical Morphology) will
take place in Fontainebleau, France, May 15-17, 2017. In conjunction
with the 50th anniversary of the Center for Mathematical
Morphology. First call for papers mid-June.   

- DGCI 2017 will be held in Vienna, Austria, September, 2017. 

2. TC18 Website - Open problems

Following the session on Open Problems during DGCI 2016, the list of
open problems has been relocated and updated on the TC18 website: (some problems don’t have a
description yet, but it will come soon).   
Have a look, and do not hesitate to contact us if you have an update on
one of these problems, or if you have a new problem to submit. We will
be happy to add it to the list ! 

3. TC18 Board renewal

As announced in a previous email, the TC18 Board has to be renewed from
ICPR 2016, and we are looking for motivated people to chair the TC.The
goals of TC18 are to: (1) make the link between IAPR and DG researchers,
(2) « animate » the international DG community.  
More precisely, the above two items could be detailed as follows:
(1)  - write a report every year (in August) to the IAPR to present the
activities of the TC for the past year;
     - take part to a meeting with all TC chairs during ICPR conference
(every two year): during this meeting, somebody from the IAPR Executive
committee gives a feedback on TCs activities
     - be a member of DGCI Steering Committee

(2) Examples of actions are
     - sending newsletters, with forthcoming events, deadlines, etc
     - maintaining the website: list of members, code, data sets repository, open problems
     - listing projects, main publications
     - organizing a short session during DGCI (every 18 months)
     - organizing a workshop, a summer school, etc
     - any other new idea… 

As of today, the TC18 board is composed of a chair, and two
vice-chairs. But for the past few years, the IAPR has been asking for a
larger board, where people would have specific missions. Until now, we
told them that we are fine with three « chairs », but this request will
very probably come again for the next term.  

If you are interested in these missions, please contact us !

4. Report on DGCI 2016

Written by DGCI 2016 General Chairs:

- Nicolas Normand, University of Nantes, France
- Jeanpierre Guédon, University of Nantes, France	
- Florent Autrusseau, University of Nantes, France	
The 19th IAPR International Conference on Discrete Geometry for Computer
Imagery, DGCI 2014, was held in Nantes, France, from 18 to 20 April
2016, and was is organized by the Image and Video Communication team
(IVC, IRCCyN UMR CNRS 6597) of Polytech Nantes (University of Nantes).

The aim of the DGCI conference is to gather researchers in discrete
geometry and topology, and discrete models, with applications in image
analysis and image synthesis. Discrete geometry plays an expanding role
in the fields of shape modeling, image synthesis, and image analysis. It
deals with topological and geometrical definitions of digitized objects
or digitized images and provides both a theoretical and computational
framework for computer imaging. 
The Conference attracted 75 researchers from 14 different countries
attesting the international relevance of the event. The conference was
held in La Cité Nantes Events Center conveniently located in the city
center, at a few minutes walking distance from the railway station and
airport shuttle bus.

After an accurate reviewing process including a rebuttal phase, 32
papers were accepted, out of 51 submissions. The reviewing process was
coordinated by the Chairs, the 11 members of the Steering Committee, and
the 18 members of the Program Committee.

The program consisted in 22 papers scheduled in a single-track of oral
presentations that were organized in topical sections on

Combinatorial Tools (2 papers),
Discrete and Combinatorial Topology (2 papers),
Geometric Transforms (2 papers),
Discretization (2 papers),
Discrete Tomography (2 papers),
Shape descriptors (3 papers),
Morphological Analysis (2 papers),
Discrete Shape Representation, Recognition and Analysis (3 papers),
Models for Discrete Geometry (4 papers).
The remaining 10 papers on these same topics were orally introduced in a
single fast track session and presented during two poster
sessions. During a stimulating IAPR TC18 “brainstorming session on Open
Problems”, participants exposed current open problems on discrete
geometry, in an informal atmosphere.

Three internationally well-known researchers provided invited lectures:
Prof. Matthias Beck, Distinguished IAPR Speaker, San Francisco State University,
Discrete Volume Computations for Polyhedra
Prof. Jacques-Olivier Lachaud, LAMA (University Savoie Mont Blanc),
Convergent Geometric Estimators with Digital Volume and Surface Integrals
Prof. Hugues Talbot, Université Paris Est - ESIEE,
Discrete Calculus, Optimisation and Inverse Problems in Imaging
In the second day of the DGCI 2016 Conference, during the Gala Dinner,
the Best Studend Paper Award was awarded to Imane Youkana, from
Université Paris-Est and Université de Biskra, for the paper entitled
"Parallelization Strategy for Elementary Morphological Operators on
Graphs". Her co-authors are Jean Cousty, Rachida Saouli and Mohamed
Akil. The paper was presented during the session "Morphological
Analysis" on the 20th of April, 2016. The winner was selected among
papers written solely or primarily by a student.

The DGCI 2016 Conference has been supported by the International
Association of Pattern Recognition (IAPR), and it constitutes the main
event associated with the Technical Committee on Discrete Geometry

We would like to thank our institutional sponsors, the city Nantes
Métropole, the Region Pays-de-la-Loire, the University of Nantes and the
school Polytech Nantes. For the first time, DGCI was also supported by
private companies, Rozo systems and Keosys.

The proceedings of the meeting have been published by Springer, in the
Lecture Notes in Computer Science series, vol. 9647, Nicolas Normand,
Jeanpierre Guédon, Florent Autrusseau (Eds.)

A special issue of the Journal of Mathematical Imaging and Vision
devoted to the topics of DGCI 2016 is in preparation. It will contain
about ten substantially extended versions of selected papers presented
during DGCI.

The DGCI 2016 edition has been successfully carried on, and this has to
be credited to the contribution of many people: we are deeply grateful
to the members of the Steering Committee for their valuable support and
the inspiring discussions, and to the local Organizing Committee for its
tireless work. Special thanks to the authors of the submitted papers
whose researches confirmed the high level standard of the Conference, to
the Program Committee and all the reviewers for their accurate and
proficient work, and to all the participants attending the conference,
who mainly contributed to make this event a success.