TC18 "Discrete Geometry" Newsletter (March 2009)


1. New TC18 Mailing List

2. New board, TC18 Web Site and email

3. Shared material

4. Call for papers


1. New TC18 Mailing List

Hi everybody,

you may have notived that this newsletter has been sent via a newly
installed mailing list for the members of TC18. The list will greatly
simplify communication within TC18 and was set up by David Coeurjolly
and Guillaume Damiand -- many thanks to them.

All current members of TC18 were automatically subscribed to the list.
New members can subscribe at
If you want to change your membershift information or unsubscribe, write
an email to

Members of the list can send messages to the community via the list

2. New board, TC18 Web Site and email

We are pleased to annouce that a new board for IAPR TC 18 "Digital Geometry" has been appointed, consisting of

  Ullrich Koethe, University of Heidelberg (Chair)
  Joost Batenburg, University of Antwerp (Vice Chair)
  Guillaume Damiand, University of Lyon, CNRS, Liris (Vice Chair)

(To be honest, we are not quite certain if the appointment is already officially effective with IAPR, but anyway). We can be reached at the following email alias

and at our usual addresses:

We'd like to take this opportunity to thank the old board, consisting of David Coeurjolly, Stina Svensson, and Reneta Barneva, who have handed over their duties (and in particular the TC 18 website) in very good shape. BTW, this website can now be reached under the permanent URL

3. Shared material

The most important aim of our term will be to strengthen the role of TC 18 as a source of shared material, in particular reusable code and (perhaps even more importantly) high quality benchmark data. If you would like to contribute something or have other suggestions, please let us know.

Speaking of benchmarks: You might be interested in the Document Image Binarization Contest which is being organized in conjunction with ICDAR 2009. More information can be found at

4. Call for papers

Finally, we remind you of the deadline for upcoming conferences that are rapidly approaching, but you're certainly already busy writing papers for these :-)

 DGCI 2009 - September 30-October 2 (deadline April 1, 2009)

 IWCIA 2009 - November 24-27 (deadline May 22, 2009)

 CTIC 2009 - Workshop on Computational Topology in Image Context
    August 26-28 (deadline June 1, 2009)

Best regards
Ulli, Joost, Guillaume