TC18 is a Technical Committee of International Association for Pattern Recognition (IAPR). IAPR Technical Committees are established with the intention to "provide leadership in designated technical specialities and to further the objective of the Association".

TC18 is chaired by

Chair: Bertrand Kerautret - LORIA, University of Lorraine - Nancy, France
Vice-Chair: Michael Wilkinson - University of Groningen, - Nederland

Board members:

Arindam Biswas IIEST, Indian Institute of Engineering Science and Technology, Shibpur, India
Andrea Frosini Dept. Matematica and Informatica "Ulisse Dini", Firenze, Italia
Georgios K Ouzounis DigitalGlobe, Inc. Longmont, CO 80503, USA
Hugues Talbot Laboratoire d'informatique Gaspard Monge, ESIEE, France

Moreover, the following persons are part of the current or past organisation:

Isabelle Sivignon - GIPSA-lab, CNRS - Grenoble, France - Chair
Partha Bhowmick - Department of Computer Science and Engineering, Indian Institute of Technology - Kharagpur, India - Vice-chair
Rocio Gonzalez-Diaz - Applied Math Department School of Computer Engineering - University of Seville, Spain - Vice-chair
Ullrich Koethe - Heidelberg Collaboratory for Image Processin g - Heidelberg, Germany - Former Chair
Joost Batenburg - Vision Lab - Wilrijk, Belgium - Former Vice-Chair
Guillaume Damiand - LIRIS Laboratory - Lyon, France - Former Vice-Chair
Reneta Barneva - State University of New York at Fredonia - Former Vice-Chair
David Coeurjolly - LIRIS Laboratory - Lyon, France - Former Chair
Reinhard Klette - Centre for Image Technology and Robotics (Computer Vision Unit), Auckland, New Zeeland - updating of the web page on Open problems
Annick Montanvert - LIS Laboratory - Grenoble, France - Former Chair
Ingela Nyström - Centre for Image Analysis - Uppsala, Sweden - Former Chair
Eric Remy - LSIS, Université de Provence, Arles, France - TC18 image and code data base
Stina Svensson - Centre for Image Analysis - Uppsala, Sweden - Former Vice-Chair

Every year, the technical committee writes a report on its activities for the IAPR. Here are some reports of the last few years: interim report 2014-2015 report 2012-2014 interim report 2013 report 2014-2016

For members

An electronic newsletter is sent to the members two or three times every year. It presents a summary of the activities and upcoming events.

During each DGCI (Discrete Geometry for Computer Imagery - main conference for TC18), a TC meeting is held to give the possibility for the members to discuss the activity of the TC.

Suggestion on the activity of TC18 and modifications of the TC18 web page are warmly welcome.

How to become a member ?

Fill and send the following form:

e-mail address
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address to your web page

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Please, indicate also if you want to have an active role in TC18. What we have in mind so far is to find persons willing to collect information for and to update web pages containing

  • lists of reference literature.
  • documents on basic notions. This can be, for example, presentations used to give introductory lectures or seminars.
  • databases with reference images to be used for comparison between the performance for algorithms.
  • lists of open problems. For this one, we already have a link to the web page on open problems by Reinhard Klette.

In case you have problems with the web based form, or to modify some information, or to unsubscribe, please send an email to tc18 board. To register, please give the following information:

e-mail address:
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address to your web page:
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active role:

List of members

Name Affiliation City & Country
Alfie Abdul-Rahman Department of Computer Science, University of Wales Swansea Swansea, UK
Eric Andres SIC Lab Poitiers, France
Alexandra Bac GMod Team, LSIS Lab, Aix-Marseille University Marseille, France
Xiang Bai School of Electronic Information and Communications, Huazhong University of Science and Technology Wuhan, China
Reneta Barneva Department of Mathematics and Computer Science Fredonia, USA
Etienne Baudrier ICube laboratory Strasbourg, France
Gilles Bertrand Laboratoire A2SI Marne-La-Vallée, France
Arindam Biswas Dep. of Information Technology, Indian Institue Engineering Science and Technology Howrah, India
Isabelle Bloch Signal and Image Processing Paris, France
Gunilla Borgefors Centre for Image Analysis, SLU Uppsala, Sweden
Achille Braquelaire LaBRI : Laboratory of computer science of Bordeaux Bordeaux, France
Srecko Brlek LaCIM, Université du Québec à Montréal Montréal, Canada
Valentin Brimkov Department of Mathematics, Buffalo State College Buffalo, USA
Luc Brun GREYC Caen, France
Sara Brunetti Dipartimiento di Ingegneria dell'Informazione e Scienze Matematiche Siena, Italy
Lilian Buzer A2SI laboratory Marne-la-Vallee, France
Jean-Marc Chassery Laboratoire GISPA-lab Grenoble, France
Ryszard S. Choras Image Processing Group,Institute of Telecommunications, University of Technology & life Sciences Bydgoszcz, Poland
David Coeurjolly Laboratoire LIRIS Lyon, France
Li Chen Department of ComputerScience and Information Technology, University of the District of Columbia Washington DC, USA
Didier Coquin LISTIC Annecy, France
Michel Couprie Université Paris-Est, ESIEE Paris, LIGM Noisy-le-Grand, France
Jean Cousty Université Paris-Est, ESIEE Paris, LIGM Noisy-le-Grand, France
Jose Crespo Artificial Intelligence Lab. Madrid, Spain
Guillaume Damiand LIRIS, CNRS, Université Lyon 1 Lyon, France
Isabelle Debled-Rennesson ADAGIo Team, LORIA Nancy, France
Mousumi Dutt Computer Science and Engineering, International Institute of Information Technology, Naya-Raipur, India
Leila De Floriani Dept. of Computer Science Genova, Italy
Eric Domenjoud ADAGIo Team, LORIA Nancy, France
Paulo Dulio Dipartimiento di Matematica, Politecnico di Milano Milano, Italy
Florent Dupont LIRIS Laboratory Lyon, France
Laurent Duval Technology Dept., IFP Rueil-Malmaison, France
Philippe Even ADAGIo Team, LORIA Nancy, France
Fabien Feschet LLAIC1 Aubière, France
Andrea Frosini Dept. of Mathematics and Computer Science, University of Florence Florence, Italy
Antonios Gasteratos Dept. of Production an Management Engineering Xanthi, Greece
Ryabov Gennady Computer Vision Lab Moskow University, Russia
Yan Gerard LAIC, Auvergne University Clermont-Ferrand, France
Antonio Giraldo Applied Mathematics (Computer Science School) Madrid, Spain
Rocio Gonzalez Diaz Combinatorial Image Analysis Research Group, University of Seville Sevilla, Spain
Aldo Gonzalez Lorenzo GMod Team, LSIS Lab, Aix-Marseille University Marseille, France
Sang-Eon Han Honam University, Dept. of Computer & Applied Mathematics Gwangju, Republic of Korea
Gabor T. Herman Department of Computer Science New York, USA
Adrian Hilton Centre for Vision, Speech and Signal Processing Guildford, UK
Atsushi Imiya The Institute of Electronics, Information and Communication Engineers Chiba, Japan
Damien Jamet ADAGIo Team, LORIA Nancy, France
Ines Janusch Pattern Recognition and Image Processing (PRIP), TU Wien Wien, Austria
Maria-Jose Jimenez Applied Mathematics (I) Department, University of Seville Seville, Spain
Amitava Karak De Montfort University Leicester Center Of Computational Intelligence Kharagpur/Kolkata INDIA
Yukiko Kenmochi LIGM, CNRS Noisy-le-Grand, France
Bertrand Kerautret ADAGIo Team, LORIA Université H. Poincaré, Nancy, France
Mohammed Khachan Department of computer engineering Montreal, Canada
T. Yung Kong Computer Science Dept. Flushing, NY 11367, USA
Nahum Kiryati Electrical Engineering - Systems Tel Aviv, Israel
Ullrich Koethe University of Heidelberg Heidelberg, Germany
Reinhard Klette Centre for Image Technology and Robotics (Computer Vision Unit) Auckland, New Zeeland
Walter G. Kropatsch Pattern Recognition and Image Processing Vienna, Austria
Vladimir Kovalevsky Digital Topology Berlin, Germany
Jacques-Olivier Lachaud LAMA Chambéry, France
Jérémy Levallois LAMA and LIRIS Chambéry, Lyon, France
Olivier Lezoray GREYC - University of Caen Normandy Caen, France
Joakim Lindblad Centre for Image Analysis Uppsala, Sweden
Eddy Loke Visionlab University of Algarve Faro, Portugal
Cris Luengo Centre for Image Analysis SLU University Uppsala, Sweden
Papia Mahato Computer Science and Engineering Indian Institute of Technology Kharagpur Kharagpur, India
Gregoire Malandain Epidaure group, INRIA Sophia-Antipolis, France
Jean-Luc Mari G-Mod team / LSIS lab Marseille, France
Loïc Mazo ICube Laboratory Strasbourg, France
Hans Meine Cognitive Systems Group Hamburg, Germany
Robert A. Melter Department of Mathematics, Long Island University Southampton, NY 1196, USA
Serge Miguet Laboratoire LIRIS Lyon, France
Annick Montanvert Laboratoire GISPA-lab Grenoble, France
Benedek Nagy Department of Mathematics, Faculty of Arts and Sciences North Cyprus
Laurent Najman A3SI, LIGM, Université Paris-Est, ESIEE Paris Noisy-le-Grand, France
Nicolas Normand IRCCyN/IVC, Polytech' Nantes Nantes, France
Thanh Phuong Nguyen ADAGIo Team, LORIA Nancy, France
Trung Nguyen Geometrica, INRIA Sophia Antipolis, France
Ingela Nyström Centre for Image Analysis, UU Uppsala, Sweden
Kalman Palagyi Dept. of Applied Informatics Szeged, Hungary
Nicolas Passat CReSTIC, Université de Reims Champagne-Ardenne Reims, France
Laurent Perroton A2SI Noisy-Le-Grand (PARIS), France
Sanjoy Pratihar Department of Computer Science and Engineering, Indian Institute of Technology Kharagpur, India
Laurent Provot ADAGIo Team, LORIA Nancy, France
Pedro Real Research group of Computational Topology and Applied Mathematics Sevilla, Spain
Eric Remy LSIS Arles, France
Tristan Roussillon Laboratoire LIRIS, INSA Lyon, France
Punam K. Saha Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering, University of Iowa Iowa City, USA
Gabriella Sanniti di Baja Image Analysis, Istituto di Cibernetica CNR Pozzuoli, Naples, Italy
Henrik Schulz Image Processing and Pattern Recognition Dresden, Germany
Kumar Verma Shiv Indian Institute of Technology Roorkee, India
Isabelle Sivignon Laboratoire GISPA-lab Grenoble, France
Natasa Sladoje Centre for Image Analysis, Uppsala University Uppsala, Sweden
Pierre Soille EC Joint Research Centre Ispra, Italy
Peer Stelldinger Cognitive Systems Group, University of Hamburg Hamburg, Germany
Robin Strand Centre for Image Analysis, Uppsala University Uppsala, Sweden
Akihiro Sugimoto National Institute of Informatics Tokyo, Japan
Stina Svensson Centre for Image Analysis, SLU Uppsala, Sweden
Hugues Talbot University Paris-Est, ESIEE Noisy-le-Grand, France
Edouard Thiel LIF : Laboratoire d'Informatique Fondamentale Marseille, France
Laure Tougne Laboratoire LIRIS Lyon, France
Ricardo Uribe Lobello GMod Team, LSIS Lab, Aix-Marseille University Marseille, France
Antoine Vacavant ISIT lab, Université d'Auvergne Le Puy-en-Velay, France
Jerry Wu Wellcome Trust SangerInstitute, Wellcome Trust Genome Campus Cambridge, United Kingdom
Qiao YU Graduate School of Information Systems, University of Electro-Communications Tokyo, Japan

One of our members, Alain Daurat, passed away. This sudden death overwhelms us and many of us share the sorrow of his relatives. You can find here a web page dedicated to his memory.

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