11 July 2013

Image and Vision Computing Secial Issue open CfP: Special issue on Discrete Geometry for Computer Imagery.

31 May 2013

DAM Special Issue open CfP: Special issue on Discrete Geometry for Computer Imagery.

1 May 2012

IWCIA/GSAA CfP: Extended deadline.

30 March 2012

DGCI CfP: DGCI Call for Papers available.

1 February 2012

IWCIA/GSAA CfP: IWCIA/GSAA Call for Papers available.

1 September 2010

DGCI 2011 CfP: Extended dead line.

13 July 2010

IWCIA 2011 CfP: IWCIA 2011 Call for Papers available.

1 Mar 2010

DGCI 2011 CfP: DGCI 2011 Call for Papers available.

31 Mar 2009

DGCI2009 Extended dead-line: The new dead-line is now 8th April 2009

27 Mar 2009

TC18 Newsletter: The 10th TC18 Newsletter is available in the Events section

30 Jan 2009

DGCI 2009 CfP: DGCI 2009 Call for Papers available.

15 Feb 2008

TC18 Newsletter: The 9th TC18 Newsletter is available in the Events section

10 May 2007

TC18 Newsletter: The 8th TC18 newsletter is available

03 Apr 2007

ICPR 2008: The first ICPR 2008 Call for Paper is is available on the TC18 web site.

07 Feb 2007

DGCI 2008 web page: The DGCI 2008 web page is available

08 Nov 2006

In memorian Attila Kuba: We inform you with deep sorrow that our mentor and colleague, Professor Attila Kuba has passed away on Wednesday, November 1, 2006. As an additional means to treasure Attila's memory we create a web page at on which we shall publish condolences sent in email to condkuba@inf.u-szeged.hu and also reminiscences about Attila, the scientist and the man.

20 Oct 2006

TC18 Chairs: David Coeurjolly will be TC18 chair for the period 2006-2008. We are looking for a vice-chair (send an email to tc18@tc18.org) !

19 Oct 2006

Website update: Global update of the TC18 web site skin

25-27 October, 2006

The 13th DGCI conference will take place in Szeged in Hungary, second call for papers. Extended Deadline for submission : April 10, 2006

6-8 November, 2006

International Symposium on Visual Computing (ISVC06): A special track on Discrete and Computational Geometry and their Applications in Visual Computing, Lake Tahoe, Nevada, USA. Call for papers, deadline for submission : June 19, 2006

20-24 August 2006

The 18th International Conference on Pattern Recognition ICPR2006, Hong Kong

19-21 June, 2006

IWCIA'06 International Workshop on Combinatorial Image Analysis 2006, Berlin, Germany.

23 January, 2006

The 6th TC18 Newsletter is available

6 July 2005

The 5th TC18 Newsletter is available

February 11, 2005

DGCI'2005 first Call for Participation
early registration : March 18, 2005

December 9, 2004

The 4th TC18 Newsletter is available

Spring 2005

April 13-15, 12th International Conference on Discrete Geometry for Computer Imagery, Poitiers, France
April 18-20, International Symposium on Mathematical Morphology, Paris, France
April 11-13, 5rd IAPR -TC-15 Workshop on Graph-based Representations in Pattern Recognition, Poitiers, France
June 13-15, Workshop Discrete Tomography and its applications, New York City, USA

January, 2005

Vision Geometry XIII, IS&T/SPIE Electronic Imaging, San Jose, USA, 16-20 January 2005

December, 2004

10th International Workshop on Combinatorial Image Analysis, Auckland, New Zealand, IWCIA 2004

February 24, 2004

A condolences webpage in memoriam of Professor Azriel Rosenfeld

February 23, 2004

Newsletter Feb 2004

February 20, 2004

Report on DGCI'2003 available here

October 2003 - Theoretical Computer Science special issues related to Discrete Geometry

A Special Issue in Theoretical Computer Science (TCS) on "Combinatorics of the Discrete Plane and Tilings" is planned to be published in October 2003. Dead line for paper submission is February 28th, 2003. For more information, see http://www.liafa.jussieu.fr/~vuillon/special2003.htm or contact Laurent.Vuillon@liafa.jussieu.fr.

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